Apr 27, 2016

SPOTLIGHT of Accepted, Secured, Significant by Kemley Whiteside

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Title: Accepted, Secured, Significant: Empowering, Igniting and Fulfilling your Purpose
Author: Kemley Whiteside

This text is a spiritual and inspirational journey for those drawn away from their purpose by the circumstances of their lives. This book is dedicated to those told they would never amount to anything.

It is for those told they would be just like their mother or father, that they are idiots, mistakes, and failures. It is for the pushed aside and ignored. It is for those under shadow, and for those abused from childhood. It is for the molested, and the ones told that no one loves them and no one ever would. It is for the misled and mistreated. It is for the suicidal. It is for the victims of domestic violence and abusive relationships. It is for those in spiritual bondage, and those who don’t believe in themselves. It is for those suffering from cancer or other diseases. It is for the motherless, fatherless, jobless, and homeless. It is for the depressive and anxious, the lonely and isolated. This book is for the hopeless.

To my brothers and sisters who need a way out: This book was written just for you. It is to polish your existence and your purpose on this earth.

This book was inspired and written by the Holy Spirit to assure you that, as a child of God, you no longer have to feel bound by labels and curses spoken over the course of your life. God wants to reinforce in your heart how valuable you are and how much you mean to Him. He wants you to know that through Him, you are Accepted, Secured, and Significant.
Kemley Whiteside is a native of the Republic of Panama, a survivor and overcomer. Kemley resides in the state of New Jersey with her husband and children.
She is ordained to help build by empowering, igniting, and fulfilling people into their purpose. She is a life-coach, mentor, inspiration, motivational speaker, and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
She is the survivor of an anxiety disorder, depression, cancer, Lyme disease, domestic violence, and suicide. She is the survivor of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. These obstacles have strengthened her life and her purpose.
She is a woman birthing life to others by embracing them with confidence, and helping them achieve their calling. Kemley Whiteside earned her MA in Pastoral Counseling from Liberty University, and her MBA in Project Management from Ashford University. She holds a BS in Information Technology from Phoenix University and has over fifteen certifications.

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Apr 18, 2016

REVIEW of War of Words by Amy Neftzger

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Title: War of Words
Author: Amy Neftzger
Publication Date: March 3rd 2016
Published by: Fields of Gold Publishing, Inc.
Source: ARC Given by Tour Organizer
Rating: 4 Stars

Sometimes there's no better way to understand reality than through fantasy, and the best way to find truth may be in a book - if you can find the right one.
Battles against darkness, a quest for truth, and a search for the book that no one can read are all part of the fantasy adventure in The War of Words. As an evil sorcerer wages war by using mysterious shadows and seeks to gain control by confusing the residents as to what's real and what isn't, the fate of the kingdom rests in the hands of Kelsey and Nicholas.
As the youngest officer in the king's army, Kelsey fights the evil sorcerer s shadows on the battlefield as she explores the kingdom searching for the key to winning the war. Nicholas, a young sorcerer in training who is mastering his craft, discovers how the right words can change the course of the future.
Explore an enchanted maze, uncover the power of words, and learn about friendship in this whimsical tale.
Choose your words wisely. This is one of the phrases I live by and for good reason. Choosing the things you say carefully in every situation will help you achieve your desired outcome—it can be to please someone, hurt them, get you out of trouble, or get you in it. Whatever you want to accomplish, you can by putting the right words together and injecting the right tone. This belief of mine has been made stronger when I read War of Words by Amy Neftzger..
A novel for middle graders, this book contains a strong message that more people should understand and apply in life. Words, when used the wrong way, can cause harm, but when used the right way, can help inspire and nurture someone. This book may be initially intended for tweens or mid-grade readers but people of all ages would benefit from this book.
I wouldn’t go for the kind of writing that is poetic and/or cheesy, but in War of Words, it completely works. There are a lot of “quotable quotes” as I call it, and if I wasn’t bound by an agreement, I would share a few with you guys.
The story is filled with a lot of sci-fi elements, but the situations the characters find themselves in and the decisions they needed to make are real and can be applied in real life.
The only negative, but not really, thing I can say about this is I didn’t know it was part of a series. I have expressed this in previous reviews, but I really do hate being thrust upon a series if I haven’t started from the beginning. Nevertheless, I had fun and learned a lot.
I highly recommend everyone, from ages 8 to 70, to purchase a copy of this book. It's a good $4 to spend in exchange for a lesson and entertainment-filled novel that you can pass on to future generations. What are you waiting for guys? Don't miss out on this! Grab a copy and let us know what you thought.

Amy Neftzger is the author of fiction books for both adults and children. She has also been published in business and academic journals, as well as literary publications.
A few of her favorite things include traveling, books, movies, art, the Oxford comma, and gargoyles.


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Apr 13, 2016

99c SALE BLITZ of The Bossman by Renee Rose

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Title: Bossman (Bossman #1)
Author: Renee Rose
Publication Date: March 10, 2014
Genre: Adult, BDSM, Contemporary Romance, Mafia, Organized Crime

The Don’s brother.
The girl who swore off all mafia ties.
Sophie steered clear of the mafia after her father’s involvement ended with his murder. Fifteen years later, Joey La Torre, the Don’s brother himself, shows up unannounced at her massage studio and wheedles his way into a date. She has no interest in aggressive, macho men like Joey, or so she tries to tell herself, but her body just doesn’t get the message. When Joey takes her in hand with a firm bare-bottomed spanking, she ought to be furious, instead, she’s aroused. As she explores her physical desires to be dominated, she tries to keep Joey at arm’s length emotionally.
Joey knows he wants Sophie for keeps from the moment he walks into her life. She is hot, classy and full of fire, even though submission turns her on. But his involvement in the mafia is a hard limit for her, bringing to conflict his own dedication to the Family, the code of silence and his relationship with his older brother. Can he reconcile his duty to the organization and his growing need for Sophie to remain in his life permanently?

Mob Mistress (Bossman #2)

When hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman.
Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man
Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he’s no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn’t have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties.
Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?
Publisher’s Note: This book contains spanking, anal sex and hot scenes that may keep you up late reading.

The Don's Daughter (Bossman #3)

Temptation is too sweet when the don’s daughter offers her full submission, but when her father finds out, he’ll probably wind up swimming with the fishes.
Giving control of her body to Carlo Romano, underboss to her father, was dangerous. More dangerous than her hair-brained idea to take off her clothes at a strip club as a form of sex therapy. But the temptation outweighed the risk. Carlo made her feel sexy, alive and appealing, feelings she’d scarcely known after two years with her cheating and demoralizing ex-boyfriend.
Carlo couldn’t believe Summer — the don’s daughter — was dancing half-naked on the stage of a strip club. Nor could he believe she suggested he’d be the one to take a belt to her ass and set her straight. But he’d had a thing for Summer since the day he moved in with her family, fresh off a plane from Sicily. He couldn’t walk away from the opportunity to get up-close and intimate, and show her his dominant side.
Still, Summer may not be ready for a new relationship, and even if she is, there was the not-so-small matter of what her parents would say — her father would probably want to kill Carlo if he found out he’d seen her naked...

The Bossman (The Bossman, #1):
Mob Mistress (The Bossman, #2):
The Don's Daughter (The Bossman, #3):

USA Today Bestselling Author Renee Rose is a naughty wordsmith who writes BDSM and spanking romance novels. Named Eroticon USA’s Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, she has also won The Romance Reviews Best Historical Romance, and Spanking Romance Reviews‘ Best Historical, Best Erotic, Best Ageplay and favorite author. She’s hit #1 on Amazon in the Erotic Paranormal and Sci-fi categories in the U.S. and U.K., is often found on the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Erotic Authors and is a regular columnist for Write Sex Right. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.

Apr 7, 2016

REVIEW of Undecided by Julianna Keyes

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I just finished reading this book a couple of hours ago and I seriously had NO idea I would love it this much! Yes! I LOVED IT A LOT. There are many reasons behind it which I will get to in a bit, but I just want to say that I seriously thought this was like a love triangle thing. I guess it's because of the book cover, with there being three pairs of legs on there.
Anyway, let me "officialy" get onto my review.

Title: Undecided
Author: Julianna Keyes
Release Date: April 4, 2016
Published by: Self-Published
Source: Copy Given by Tour Organizer

Rating: 5 Stars

Nora Kincaid has one goal for her second year of college: be invisible. Last year’s all-party-no-study strategy resulted in three failed classes and two criminal charges, and if she messes up again she’ll lose her scholarship. But there’s one problem with her plan for invisibility, and his name is Crosbie Lucas: infamous party king, general hellraiser…and her new roommate’s best friend.
Crosbie’s reckless reputation and well-known sexcapades aren’t part of Nora’s studious new strategy, but as she’s quickly learning, her new plan is also really boring. When Crosbie’s unexpected gestures of friendship pull her head out of her books long enough to see past his cocky veneer, she’s surprised to find a flawed and funny guy beneath it all. The muscles don’t hurt, either.
But as Nora starts to fall for Crosbie, the weight of one of last year’s bad decisions grows even heavier. Because three failing grades and two misdemeanors are nothing compared to the one big secret she’s hiding…

Nora is either really hot or really cold; she's an all or nothing girl and this causes her more trouble than it should. She went from dull and boring to wild and careless, then back to dull and boring in a span of one year, and now she's trying to find the common ground between the two, hopefully with the man who makes her happy. That is if her secrets don't destroy a great and happy relationship.

Crosbie is, quite often, the guy some people would sweeten up to get to Kellan. Most people don't really see him for who he is and what he has to offer that he started doubting people's intentions. He's a wonderful guy who's considerate, respectful, and sweet. And with Nora, he wants to be all that and much more ... if only there were no lies between them.

Kellan is the guy who everybody loves; every girl wants him, every guy wants to be him. But for a popular guy who has A LOT of conquests under his belt, he's a great guy! He's not a jerk, he's a wonderful roommate, the best friend any guy can ever ask for, and he's so sensitive and caring! He's the kind of guy you want to marry ... if only he didn't enjoy being with different women all the time. However, all that partying and laid-back attitude backfired and resulted to him rethinking his life and what he wants to do moving forward.

Let me clarify, this is still not a love triangle. I just felt the need to introduce Kellan to you guys because he's such an important character in this book.
Undecided is without a doubt one of the best books I've read so far this year. Juliann Keyes managed to write a book that was intriguing, exciting, romantic, absolutely humorous, and dramatic. She managed to pull the story off without having to go to such extremes with her scenarios; she just placed a bunch of relatable characters in different scenarios that can really happen in one's life.
The ridiculously funny banter between the characters, especially Nora and Crosbie, really made me appreciate the kind of humor the author had and made the book so much more interesting. I can't close my e-reader simply because I want more of their exchanges that can go from funny to sexy to romantic in a matter of minutes. I can't recall a part in the entire book that I was like, "This is boring" or "This scene is unnecessary." Every chapter, every scene in the story added to the value of the book as a whole, and I appreciate that as I'm sure other readers will too.
Nora is someone I can relate to; I'm familiar with the need to be seen and to be treated like someone special. I was like that because I was also treated somewhat badly in high school. If Nora was told to be boring and stiff, I was bullied for "being ugly". So wanting to look better and playing up our sexuality is something we have in common. But I liked her more when she started seeing the whole partying thing from an outsider's perspective; when she realized that it's really not as fun as she initially felt (because she was deprived of that). She was trying to found the middle ground between the fun life and the straight life, and her relationship with Crosbie, especially their sexual relationship, is a testament to how much she's succeeding in doing so.
Let me also applaud the friendship between Kellan and Crosbie; bromance goals all the way. For the hottest guys on campus, they were totally in touch with their emotions and dare I say their femininity? There were no antagonists or people out to ruin the relationship between Nora and Crosbie, which was great because there was no one else responsible for everything that happens--both good and bad--in their lives but them, and all the choices they made.

Like I said earlier, Undecided is one of the best books I've read so far this year. It has all the necessary "ingredients" a great book must possess, and Julianna really knocked this one out of the part. I look forward to reading her other works, and I strongly recommend to everyone reading this review to go pick up a copy of this. You will NOT regret the purchase one bit.

Julianna Keyes is a Canadian writer who has lived on both coasts and several places in between. She’s been skydiving, bungee jumping and white water rafting, but nothing thrills—or terrifies—her as much as the blank page. She loves Chinese food, foreign languages, baseball and television, though not necessarily in that order, and writes sizzling stories with strong characters, plenty of conflict, and lots of making up.
In addition to Undecided, she is the author of four contemporary romances: Just Once, the story of a world weary socialite and a stubborn ranch foreman; Going the Distance, a love story set in China between a kindergarten ESL teacher and a former army interrogator; Time Served, the tale of an ambitious young lawyer whose perfect world is jeopardized when she reunites with her ex-con ex-boyfriend; and In Her Defense, in which a ruthless young lawyer realizes there’s more to life than being the best…right?
For more details on these and any upcoming books, visit her online at http://juliannakeyes.com, or sign up for her free newsletter at http://juliannakeyes.com/newsletter.html.



“Want to see a movie?” Crosbie asks as we drive closer.
I squint at the list of shows. It’s an enormous multiplex and the parking lot is packed. He inches past the front so we can see what’s playing.
“Kill Glory 3 is out? I thought it wasn’t coming until December.”
Crosbie laughs uncomfortably when I name the latest installment of the popular horror franchise. “What else is playing?”
I look at him. “You don’t like scary movies?”
He purses his lips. “I like them fine.”
My jaw drops. “You’re afraid.”
“Am not.”
“Maybe Toy Story 6 is playing.”
“The Toy Story franchise is classic.”
“Okay, fine.” I crane my neck to try to see some more names. “There’s Tanker Race 2, Soda Shoppe Gals, Operation—I think that’s based on the board game—and that documentary about seals. Anything you’re dying to see?”
He finds parking at the end of a row and unbuckles his seatbelt. “Lady’s choice.”
“Kill Glory 3.”
“Never mind, you can’t choose.”
“Have you seen the first two? They’re excellent. It’s about this death angel named Glory who keeps returning to earth to try to get revenge—”
“I saw five minutes of the first one, and that was enough.”
“So…Soda Shoppe Gals?"
He tips his head to peer out the windshield at the start times. We’ve got half an hour until the next showings. “We can see Kill Glory 3,” he says reluctantly, reaching over to tug me in by the collar. “But let’s make out for a bit first.”
“Make out?” I feign offense. “You haven’t even bought me popcorn.”
“Can I just give you the ten dollars?”
We’re laughing when our lips meet, teeth bumping until we get serious. Crosbie displays none of the urgency I’m feeling, kissing me leisurely, exploring, learning. Again, it’s a surprise. He’s got one hand curled against my neck while the other rests against the back of the seat. If I’d ever given any thought to making out in a car with Crosbie Lucas, I’d have pictured him sticking his hand up my shirt—or down my pants—in the first thirty seconds. But that doesn’t appear to be the plan for tonight, and I quash the tiny part of me that’s disappointed and tell myself to just enjoy the moment. I’ve actually never done this before. I had zero boyfriends in high school, and I don’t think any of the guys I kissed last year even had a car. At least, I never bothered to learn enough about them to find out if they did.
Teenagers walk by and holler “Get a room!” breaking us apart. We’re both breathing hard, the windows only starting to steam up, advertising our activities without actually obscuring them.
“Hi,” Crosbie says.

I can’t help but smile. “Hi.”



Apr 5, 2016

RELEASE BLAST of The Wedding Date by Kelly Eadon

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Title: The Wedding Date
Author: Kelly Eadon
Release Date: April 5, 2016
Published by: Forever Yours


Kate Massie has big dreams-they just haven't worked out. Yet. In the meantime, she spends her days clerking for a judge and her nights fantasizing about her tall, dark, and sexy gym crush. So when she runs into him one night, she's shocked to realize he was her shy, nerdy junior-prom date. But that isn't where the surprises end . . .

James Abell needs a date to his sister's wedding. So when Kate agrees, he's relieved . . . until one little lie turns their wedding date into a full-blown fake relationship. Only it doesn't feel fake-not the toe-curling kisses and definitely not the electricity. Neither of them is looking for something real . . . but they just might fall for their own little white lie.


Kelly Eadon is a romance writer living in Richmond, Virginia with her husband and a house full of rescue animals, aka "the kraken". She swears like a sailor and says whatever pops into her head. In order to counteract her big mouth, she wears high heels whenever possible. In her spare time she spins, kick boxes and attempts to renovate her farmhouse. She hates sanding drywall, loves to cook, drinks lots of wine, gets scary competitive at trivia, and enjoys time spent exploring with her rescued beagle mixes.


Kate stared at herself in the mirror.

This is just pretend.

What was wrong with her? She’d spent all week fortifying her internal defenses. When he’d offered to bring her dinner or keep her company, she’d assured him Beth was taking good care of her. Now, with only a few words from Margaret, she’d let herself slip back into fantasy.

A fantasy where she could kiss James whenever she wanted. Where his strong arms held her at night.

A tremor passed through her.

No! She was stronger than this. She needed to convince his family and the other guests they were dating, not herself. She tore her eyes from the bathroom mirror and unzipped the garment bag that hung from the shower curtain rod.

She shimmied into the blue lace dress.

She had to admit, Ainsley had been right about it.

The fabric skimmed over her body and showed precisely the right amount of leg. Or it would, once she got it zipped. She twisted and turned and wiggled, but couldn’t reach the zipper.

Crap. She had to ask James for help.

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door leading back to the hotel room.

“I’m dressed.” His deep voice sent goose bumps over her skin.

She cracked the door and poked her head through. “I hate to ask you this, but I’m stuck. I need you to zip me up. Please.”

He kept his attention on the cufflink he was hooking through his button hole. “Sure.”

She only hesitated for a moment before she stepped from the bathroom and spun, to give him access to her back.

There was a zipping sound as his fingers skated over the fabric.

She exhaled sharply. There. It was over. She turned back to him. “Thank you. I’ll be ready in one minute. I have to find my necklace first.”

“You look amazing.” James' voice caught as he stared at her, his eyes a vivid, brilliant gray. 

Kate couldn’t tear herself away from him. His gaze pierced her, suspending her in time and space.

He stepped toward her, curled his palm around the back of her neck and lowered his mouth to hers. A delicious tingle surged through her blood and down to her toes as their lips met. He snaked his other arm around her waist and pulled her against him as his tongue swept into her mouth.

She tilted her head back and gave herself over to him, reveling in the feel of his lips against hers. His kiss turned rougher, more urgent. Her knees went weak and her head swam as she clutched him.

Her tongue tangled with his, matching him stroke for stroke. All rational thought fled her mind and she was engulfed in a cloud of James: his smell, his taste, his touch. 

He pulled back for a second and his eyes glinted as he traced his thumb over her cheek. Then he tightened his grip around her waist and took the fullness of her lower lip in his mouth. A tiny moan escaped her as he sucked gently. With every stroke of his tongue, her body melted further into his. His fingers dug into her back and she could feel his heart pound through his dress shirt.

A knock sounded on the door and she stepped back abruptly, breaking the kiss.

His eyes burned with an intensity that sucked all the air from her lungs. She shifted her gaze to the floor.

No one had ever kissed her like that.



REVIEW of Cloaked by T.F. Walsh

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First and foremost, I want to point out that one of the main reasons why I decided to read and review this book is the cover. For some weird reason, I pictured Cloaked to be a story about Little Red Riding Hood with a modern and different twist, with Red Riding Hood being the wolf. Wherever that came from, I don't know, but I'm still glad I had the chance of receiving a copy of this novel.

Title: Cloaked (The Wulfkin Legacy 0.5)
Author: T.F. Walsh
Publication Date: January 4th 2016
Published by: Crimson Romance
Source: ARC Given through Netgalley
Rating: 4 Stars

Raised by an overly protective wulfkin pack, Daciana leaps at the chance to venture into the human world for her one-year independence ritual. But after someone steals the endangered bear cubs she’s been assigned to protect, she must locate them or lose her job and return home in disgrace. The sexy inspector on the case isn’t making this any easier. He knows nothing of her kind, and wulfkin rules forbid relationships with humans.
Newly divorced Inspector Connell Lonescu trusts no one but himself. He’s convinced relationships are a waste of time and thinks burying himself in work will ease the pain. Yet he’s attracted to the gorgeous and mysterious Daciana, even if there’s something slightly odd about her. Can Connell learn to trust the sexy but secretive woman?


Daciana is a strong-willed, hard-headed woman who is very passionate about what she does and who she is. All her life she just wanted to be a valued member of her pack; she wanted to make them proud of her and what she accomplished, that she's totally blindsided by what the world threw her way. Now with everything happening in her life, she's torn between doing the right thing and following her heart.
Connell is a complicated man with lots of self-doubt. That's what happens when your supposed best friend screws your wife in an interrogation room of the police station you work in. His intentions of keeping Daciana at arm's length--literally--is noble, but there's only so much fighting he can do before he gives in. But he still has trust issues and can't fully move forward with his relationship; can he let go of the past and learn to depend on another person again?

I've said it in previous reviews and I'll say it again: I love books with strong female leads. I'd rather read a novel with women like Melody Callahan than those with weak-ass "girls" in some contemporary romance books. This has NOTHING to do with feminism, okay? I don't want people to misinterpret that. I just like stories that puts the female protagonist, in this case Daciana, in serious and/or dangerous situations. And there is no shortage of that here in Cloaked.
Daciana can be found in a couple--or more--scenes where she's fighting for her life, both in human and wolf form. She has this authority that animals understand; an aura or scent that says, "Don't mess with me because I can easily kill you." Even in her petite, human form she doesn't stop fighting for her life and that of the cubs she's trying to rescue. And this is where I started liking Connell; he understands Daciana's impulse to follow her instinct and solve this case on a good note, and he doesn't try to stop her. He doesn't treat this woman who likes to dress like a ninja at night like a frail woman who needs protecting. Even when he sees her battered and bruised, he didn't go all alpha on her and said "I told you so." He respected her for her bravery and passion, and he deserves a pat on the back for that.
There weren't a lot of characters introduced in Cloaked which is good in a way because the readers' attention will be more focused on the leads and the story. Speaking of the story, Cloaked is intriguing and exciting. We don't really know what will happen in the following parts of the series, and that keeps us readers on our toes.

This is a relatively short book, in my opinion, because I finished it in about 2 hours, but a good 120 minutes well spent. Pick up a copy of this guys, but let me warn you: YOU WILL BE LEFT HANGING. Just sayin'.

Book cover from Goodreads